The "Gorilla Hull"

spacerspacerI have been experimenting for many years in an effort to develop an economical alternative to reinforce an aging or weak hull while maintaining an attractive appearance. I am pleased to provide the following information about the success of my experimentation...the exclusive exterior hull coating that has become known as the "Gorilla Hull". Here are some things you should know about the advantages and disadvantages along with handling characteristics and the finished appearance of the hull.



spacerspacerADVANTAGES: The "Gorilla Hull" is exceptionally durable, it carries a lifetime warranty against impact with stumps. Warranty is automatically transferred to any new owner (it follows hull I.D. number). The solid color gel coat is easily matched or touched up. You can fish virtually anywhere your motor can push your boat. You can now spend your time fishing rather than waiting for your boat to be repaired again...and again. As increased knowledge and word has spread of the "Gorilla Hull", it has become an important factor in the resale value of these hulls.

DISADVANTAGES: After the new hull is applied to the boat it may require a test run to "tune" the boat. This is done to eliminate any porpoise problems and insure the performance pad is giving maximum lift and stability at high speeds. The boat will weigh approximately 34-48 additional pounds. The final disadvantage is not really a disadvantage for our customers as much as it is for us. The quality of the "Gorilla Hull" is so exceptional we, at Toledo Fiberglass, rarely see our customers back a second time for hull repairs.

HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS: From slow to mid range, most boats can be improved. Top speeds are generally maintained...and often improved with the "Gorilla Hull". Perhaps the worst handling characteristic is cornering. Deep V hulls tend to have very little slide, while shallow V hulls tend to have some noticeable slide in sharp turns. Additional "hook" can be added or removed to improve mid range performance at the outside chine edges. The performance pad can be flattened or straight-edged to improve high speed lift, speed and handling.

APPEARANCE:  The outside finished appearance is somewhat similar to that of a golf ball or vinyl texture. It contains a mixed-in wax solution to give it a smooth film and somewhat similar finish to the one used on the old Allison craft racing boats. A solid matching or contrasting color is used in place of metal flake colors at the customer's discretion. The "Gorilla Hull" and finish color are blended at the base of the sides, bottom of the transom and peak of the bow.

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